Embed a video

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Embedding a video in Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) (or Rational Method Composer) is possible. It can be achieved using any field that allows rich text, for example the description field.

I have created an example that demonstrates it for a Youtube video and a Instant Demo screencast. Instant Demo is screen recorder software that can output the content as a Flash file that can be embedded in a/any HTML file. Supported on Windows but I have also used with Wine on Linux Ubuntu.

If you want to see what the end result looks like click here. You can also download the library here.

The screenshot of the EPF navigator shows what is in the library:

  • One tool mentor for the Youtube Video
  • One tool mentor for the Instant Demo screencast
  • The Shockwave Flash file mixmeister-tutorial.swf screencast

The swf file is embedded in the second tool mentor. Of course the YouTube file is not in the library.

Some screenhosts follow.

Library contents:

Code to embed instant demo:

Code to embed YouTube video

Instant Demo in the published site

YouTube video in the published site